Acquire exclusively counter display boxes for best promotional cause

To make counter display boxes, there are certain items or ingredients which are required to use in the preparation of the boxes. The boxes can also be made up at home. It is very easy to prepare these boxes at home. It is also economic to attain the boxes. The boxes preparation methods at home will be discussed later in detail but the ingredients are as below

  • Required items
  • Color and brushes
  • Glue sticks
  • Kraft knife
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Cardboard box
  • Sheet of hard cardboard

Experts from the packaging industry have defined the ingredients in preparation of the boxes. These are the necessary items but there are some additional ingredients which can be used in making the boxes more striking for attraction of customers. All these ingredients help to make counter display boxes on wholesale rates.

Best Packaging material

People have become much concerned about material that is used in the preparation of the boxes. Customers are much aware about the ingredients which are used in the boxes. For instance, the internet era has revolutionized their psyche and knowledge. Whenever, they move out to purchase anything, they visit different informative websites which can provide them exact information as per their demand. Thus, when they come in market, they use the knowledge practically. So, they always prefer to purchase the boxes in kraft or cardboard material. Whenever, they go to purchase the paper for making of the counter display boxes at home, they prefer quality material of cardboard and kraft.

People have become much conscious about the changing ecological changes which are posing threat to human as well as other beings’ survival on the planet. Counter display boxes by Packaging Blue are prepared as per demand and requirement of customers. Their product description is followed for best economic cause of customers.

How to prepare the counter display boxes at home?

To prepare the boxes at home is not much difficult as usually people portray. There are certain types of methods which are followed till the completion of the boxes.

  • On the very initial step, one will have to make a counter display central tray to hold the inner products
  • Take a cardboard box
  • Measure the length by using ruler by knife for cutting purposes
  • Turn the sheet into ladder shape
  • Make walls of counter display box
  • Take two other sheets. Again, knife and ruler will be used for cutting measuring purpose

  • After completing the process of measuring and cutting, there are some further steps in order to assemble the cardboard counter display boxes which as below
  • Tape the ladder cardboard sheet with back wall sheet by using high quality glue
  • Card paper hinges and tape to attach both sides will be used
  • In the last stage, just paint the box with your desires and favorite color

These are the certain easier steps to make the boxes. There are a number of other things which are added in the making of the boxes more attractive.

Best decorative and distinct packaging designs for your product

The packaging industry has accepted a number of scientific and as well as marketing changes on wider level. People have become attractive and sensitive about their product packaging to gain variety. Mental dynamics of customers have been shifting from past to the present. Even they have become much aware about knowledge of products which are being purchased. As the world has become globalized, customers are concerned about the packaging styles and designs around the world. They have access to internet and prefer to work out on a thing that they desire to buy. For instance, if a person wants to buy a packaging design, he will not only work out about the thing on internet but he will also visit markets for better results to acquire more and more variety.

So, manufacturers also changed not only their mentality but also reformulated and defined their policies to attract customers in order to increase their production and sale. They desire to invest energy and money on variety of designs of packaging. The designing and packaging has become source of uprising of status as people are much concerned to uplift their status.


There are a number of packaging patterns which are followed during manufacturing boxes and formulating their designs. Kleenex is one of them. Big juicy wedge shaped designs are followed. There are numerous types of other fruits which are followed while preparation. For instance, watermelon, lime, and orange. Thus, big juicy wedge boxes on wholesale are exclusively prepared. Graphic designing and photo printing is the most attractive feature of the designing.


Another best packaging design is Doriot’s that is used to pack up chips and such kind of other products of bakery. The main feature of the design is that it remains closed even after opening it from upper side. Its sides are closed. Chips are exclusively packed in this design packaging. Personalized Doriot’s chips boxes are manufactured.

Yummy ice-cream

Ice-cream product has concurred the world as it has become famous in all around the world. No matter whither it is periphery country or semi-periphery or even core country, the product has become source of deliciousness. Not only special ice-cream houses have been set up according to divergent brands but it is also available in bakeries.  The packaging design was devised by college of arts and design caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Not only the product of ice-cream has got ascendency but also the designing pattern has clinched the world and the industry of ice-cream. Ice-cream packaging boxes are manufactured as per demand of customers. Different types of ice-cream boxes with logo are prepared.

For example, if a company receives an order for ice-cream packaging from a school for children party, images related to the interest of children will be printed. However, if the boxes are prepared for parties of senior, pictures will be printed according to the interest of people. So, custom product boxes no minimum order are always welcomed as per designing and product description of customers.

Truffle Boxes – Appeal your loved one with special packaging technique

Truffle boxes are ideally considered as the boxes used for placing the gifts, chocolates, candies and other sweet products. This is an inexpensive and impressive way to place your favorite sweets or another person’s favorite sweets. When looking to appeal someone, these boxes must be your prime priority because it can encase your gift in the best way to your dear one. One must try these boxes, as these are very special and help you express what you are thinking about the other. Even a single change on the outlook of your gift box can earn you a special place in your loved one heart that is important for every individual.

Packaging shows the sweetness of your heart

In addition to using these boxes, add some words on the boxes with the help of packing expert or on your own. Write the words that you can’t explain in your regular discussion and decorate it in style. These boxes are already customized to your special purposes and often we don’t need to add extra layers in it. That’s true, the sweets are inside but your packing must show the sweetness of your heart.*gqBAzxhIZKwPQ_N_fokh5g.jpeg

Chocolates without proper packing may not deliver your message, so keep these things on your top list.

Can be customized or decorated to the requirements of any event

From simple, classy to funky and innovative boxes, you can cherish an event to a great extent. Whether you are going to attend a wedding, birthday or any other event, these boxes can deliver your true feeling to your dear one. These boxes can be customized to any shape, size and design, because each item or gift is different.

Add creativity and liveliness in the business of bakeries

If you are an owner of a bakery or super store, then do not forget to keep these boxes for your valued customers. Packing bakery items in truffle boxes can increase your worth and people will attract more towards you, not only due to taste of your products but also due to your caring services. Creativity and liveliness are some of the elements that make these boxes distinct from other packing boxes.

If you further add ribbons and cards on its outer layer, then you can truly win the heart of your customers. Draw the attention of your customers with these cute boxes and place it near to the display in your bakery or shop.

Cute statements and pictures make it unique

Aside from the look, the boxes need to be good in terms of durability and safety. In case if these elements are missing, then you can lose a number of your customers. Customers are always important for the success of a business and they usually prioritize service above taste or reliability of items. Moreover, you must have a professional printing service provider who decorate your box and distinct it from other sellers. Cute statements and pictures always look attractive. One should make sure that these are relevant to the business. Only professionally made boxes can be a fit of your products, both in terms of shape and size.

These boxes are made to have the specific scheme of your event and can be presented to one for putting smiles. Keep your dear one’s smile on priority and place your gift on these special to make the event overjoyed.

Enhance the beauty of an event

Truffle boxes are widely used to enhance the beauty of an event, as many shops and bakeries are employing catchy printing techniques. With the help of advanced technology, it is now possible to achieve everything you expect. In order to add love in your gifts, use these special boxes and stay in someone’s heart forever.


Packing sweets or other gifts in truffle boxes can increase your value among your dear ones. These are a few minor things that are important for every individual to make an impact. Packaging Blue is a reliable manufacturer, where you can find top quality Truffle boxes in different sizes and shapes. In addition to this, you can order all kinds of other packaging boxes in bulk or in your desired quantity.

Reasons Why Fast Food Companies Love Gable Boxes?

The gable boxes are among the most unique and different type of boxes out there. Their unique gable designs and the closing mechanism make them stand out of the crowd.


There are not many occasions where gable boxes are used and mostly they are used as wedding favor gable boxes or they are used at food chains, specifically fast food.


If you look at this trend, you will find out that the gable boxes are mostly used for food packaging purposes, and to make the food packaging just as delicate and festive as possible.

It is not that the gable boxes are only used as food packaging, and actually they are used as gift boxes as well, but first of all, there are other type of gift boxes to give them a good challenge e.g. pillow, favor and pyramid boxes.

And secondly, the idea of gift boxes can be used in the food industry as well, since every food outlet wants to make their customers feel special about them. So they turn food into a sort of gift or ceremonial item that let people gather around a table and enjoy a good delight.

In this blog post we are going to discuss the known and unknown potential reasons why fast food companies love gable boxes. Here you go:

1. The Festivity of It

The festivity of a gable box is the first and foremost reason why fast food companies like McDonalds love to use small or large gable boxes to pack and sell their food. They want to give it a look of a festival or a carnival or something and that can be better achieved by using these awesome gable boxes.

2. The Gift Box Thing

Why is it that companies which make gift items e.g. perfumes, cell phones, watches and similar items tend to use gift packaging for their products? After all, a box is to be thrown away or tucked in somewhere and never used, why get expensive gift boxes?

It is only to add the value. It is when you like to give a customer a hint that they should buy a certain product because it is a gift product and its packaging is just as decorative and fine as the product. This is a hook to get more and more customers.

3. The Feel Special Thing

A beautiful gift box makes you special about someone and all the credit does not go to the product. This is why fast food companies who will go extra miles to retain each and every customer and this is why they want to trick into believing that you matter a lot for them.

And what could be the best way but using custom made wholesale gable boxes. These boxes are served to you while the top is close and you go to the table, unlock the top and the first thing you see and smell is sizzling hot, fresh and tempting fast food.

So, these all the most important three reasons why these companies love gable boxes. There is also one more reason, but that is not a very likely one. Although, gable boxes are not closed air tight and food get exposed to air ventilation (and water if you spill it over the box), it is still better than the wide open popcorn boxes or typical open lid burger boxes.

If you are also in a fast food or cooking business, you can try these boxes and see how you get good feedback about your packaging.